How To Track Your Traffic Sources with Free Google Tools

Understanding your clientele is a crucial part of digital marketing, in fact, knowing the source of your traffic can help you in putting in place the necessary strategies to increase the traffic flow.

There are countless of tools available on the internet that can help you track the source and browsing behavior of your traffic, but Google remains the best brand with the best tools to keep track of your entire digital marketing campaigns.


In this post, we look at the free Google tools that can help you in tracking the source of your site’s traffic.

Google Analytics

This is an infamous Google tool since it gives you an in-depth analysis of the statistics generated by your website. This tool analyzes your traffic sources, your top keywords, your most popular posts, as well as the area of the visitor on your website. Over 90% of digital marketers use this tool to set their goals and track their progress.

It is an application that you can easily install on your site, and it easily integrates with other tools such as the other Google applications.

Google Webmaster Tools

Many digital marketers do not see the sense of using both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools; however, you can learn a lot from Google Webmaster Tools including identifying the source of your traffic by looking into more keywords than what Google Analytics considers. With Google Webmaster Tools, you also get to access the health of your site, optimize your site, and configure your site by checking your site’s settings.

Google Trends

This is another of the free Google tools that are indispensable in getting the source of your traffic and keeping abreast on the trending keywords. The tool offers insight on more than one search items, and it can help you determine the keywords that apply to a particular season. Google Trend also shows you if your keywords are attracting the desired amount of traction and traffic.

Google In-page analysis

The In-page Analysis tool visually shows you the location of your site visitors, shows you how many clicks each link on your site received and how much scrolling is happening on any of your pages. The presentation of the data is simple enough to visualize, read, and understand. It is one of the best tools marketers use to develop strategies for site design and content creation and publication.

In conclusion, these tools will help you to understand the traffic on your site, and you can serve them better by creating content that corresponds to where they came from before landing on your page. You also know where to focus your energies to get more traffic to your site.

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