La Marca Prosecco Brings Bubbly Brightness to Every Holiday Celebration

We live at a whirlwind pace, especially during the holidays. It’s easy to get so caught up in the seemingly never-ending parties and obligations that we forget to take time to appreciate the cheer in moments spent with family and friends. You’re not going to remember if the gravy was lumpy or if the yellow glow of the string lights didn’t match the LED ones. But you are going to remember the unexpected “cheer breaks” filled with belly laughs and relaxed fun.

That’s why these festive moments pair so well with La Marca Prosecco. Light, lively, and sparkling, La Marca not only brings a celebratory gleam to the gathering of friends and family, but it does so the Italian way: effortlessly and inviting. Whether you’re brunching, cocktailing, or competing for the coveted best-decorated cookie title, discover how La Marca makes every guest feel the spirit of the season.

Bubbly Brunch Buffet

Prosecco has long been a friend of brunch, but La Marca hits the sweet spot with both affordability and exquisite flavor. La Marca Prosecco is made from Glera grapes selected from small vineyards nestled in the Prosecco DOC. The crisp wine’s delicate floral palate, hints of minerality, and sweetness brighten any brunch dish. It’s also why the O.J. can remain in the fridge; no one will be asking for “just a splash.” But if it’s a splash of color you’re craving, La Marca Prosecco Rosé delivers, boasting a blush hue from a flavorful and elegant combination of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes.


This informal iteration of Thanksgiving can happen on the “big day” or any day a group of friends gathers for dinner during the holidays. And, unlike the more formal fête, Friendsgiving is all about comfort and ease — enjoying good food with good friends. Keep the celebration simple yet festive with a bubbly Friendsgiving Fall Punch, a make-ahead, large-batch beverage that’s as delicious as it is easy to pour. Warm, fall flavors of honey, lemon, apple cider, and chai tea pair comfortably with La Marca Prosecco. As a final token of appreciation, La Marca Prosecco mini bottles tied with a handwritten note to take for a sweet and sparkling parting gift.

Cookie Decorating Contest

What’s more fun than gathering your friends for a good-natured holiday competition where they can put their cookie-decorating creativity on display? Whether you adorn gingerbread houses, gingerbread men, or just good, old-fashioned sugar cookie cut-outs, keep your guests’ sweet tooth satisfied with an array of delectable desserts to sample while they work. In the name of festive fun, play around with Prosecco pairings. Serve a flute of the flagship La Marca Prosecco alongside rich cheesecake bites topped with candied nuts. La Marca Prosecco Rosé is an ideal accompaniment to decadent dark-chocolate truffles, and La Marca Luminore, a Brut Prosecco with delicate hints of white flowers and stone fruits, blends well with cinnamon sugar cookies or panforte, a traditional Italian Christmas dessert similar to fruitcake.

White Elephant Party

While the White Elephant Party is the rare occasion where the most tasteless present becomes the most coveted prize, you’ll still want to show up with a worthy gift for the host who has opened their home to such shenanigans. Any bottle of America’s most-loved sparkling wine brand will do, but La Marca Luminore shows you leveled up and — despite the ceramic jaguar decorated with inlaid rhinestones you gifted — indicates you have taste. Luminore is crafted from grapes in a designated DOCG, making it one of Italy’s finest wines. It’s made from the rarest and most valuable Glera grapes grown in Northeast Italy. While Luminore has a slightly higher price point than the other La Marca Proseccos, its soft, creamy texture, exceptional flavor, and bubbly personality elevate any ironically inelegant event.

Holiday Happy Hour

A late-afternoon open house is the perfect way to hone the holiday spirit without all the fuss of a formal five-course meal. This brand of party is all about the amuse-bouche — and the cocktail. So, it’s good to have La Marca Prosecco in your arsenal since it’s one of the most versatile wines when it comes to pairings, and it has a ton of cocktail-making potential. If you’re a master mixologist, La Marca Prosecco can be the foundation for popular cocktails, everything from the classic Bellini to the more adventurous Bourbon & Bubbles, a modern twist on the Old Fashioned. But if a ready-to-serve big-batch beverage is your preference, look to the Holiday Prosecco Sangria. The bright flavors of cranberries, apple, citrus, and brandy paired with the bright punch of Prosecco, make for a festive signature sip.

Whatever form your holiday festivities take, rest assured that La Marca will bring the cheer. Its affordability, versatility, and designation as one of Italy’s finest wines make it a staple at celebrations that aim to shine bright.

This article is sponsored by La Marca.