Big Things Come in Small Packages: 5 Ways to Get Bubbly This Holiday Season With La Marca Minis

Small victories, little joys. Glimmers of happiness and gratitude that bubble up unexpectedly, making an everyday moment shine. If you could bottle those, you’d have La Marca mini bottles, an adorably festive, fun-size version of a wonderful Italian Prosecco. Because it’s not always about the big milestones and grand gestures. The day-to-day pauses deserve a “cheer break,” too.

This is especially true during the holidays. Every task checked off an interminable list is a win, and every minute taken to be present is a reason to raise a glass in gratitude. 

Here are five lovely ways to take a time out, make a connection, or simply share thanks for another holiday season — one made extra glittery with La Marca minis, which allow us to “cheer fully” with smaller sips. 

Add Fun and Fizz to Any Holiday Task

No matter if your role in the holidays is as host or guest, there’s always a lot to do this season. Why not give it the “Mary Poppins” treatment with a cheer break? Twist and pop a La Marca mini to add a “spoonful of sugar” to duties like rolling out dough with friends and family or doling out warm wishes as you address holiday cards with your partner. While waiting for your homemade cranberry sauce to bubble, get bubbly yourself with a perfectly portioned pour.

Sip some Prosecco to remind yourself of the pleasure in the pause. Remember, you’re working on crafting — not tasking! 

Add Sparkle to a Gift Basket

Gift baskets can feel a bit generic and impersonal when purchased pre-made. There’s the piece of fruit here, cheese and sausage there, and maybe some chocolate. But you can just as simply design a delightful and far more personalized basket with La Marca minis as your base. From there, ideas come easily to help you develop a thoughtful theme that brings a sparkle to the recipient’s eye (and glass).

For example, your resident foodie would love to open a box of gourmet Italian pastas, sauces, and cheeses with their Prosecco. Put a La Marca mini in a gift bag with Belgian chocolates, Parisian macarons, and British “biscuits”  — sparkling wine is perfect for offsetting the butteriness and sweetness of rich snacks. It can also work as a romantic gift basket, or you can dial it up by pairing La Marca minis with a pair of new flutes, satin pajamas, and a scented candle that complements the honey and white flowers of the Prosecco. Swap those for creature comforts like fuzzy slippers, soothing body lotion, and a silk sleep mask for a self-care package for a friend or family member.

Raise a Glass and Your Professional Profile

It makes sense to come up with a curated gift assortment for those you’re close to, but what about more casual connections, like coworkers? The good news is you don’t have to go the whole nine yards to gift something little. La Marca minis are the perfect way to show just the right amount of thanks to colleagues, work spouses, and the other people who make your work life brighter. The bottles are big and fancy enough to “cheer fully,” allowing you to show your appreciation (and show off your taste), but small enough to remain casual and appropriate. They’re a considerate desk drop-off that proves you don’t need a company happy hour to raise a glass to all that your coworkers do.

‘Thank You’ at Your Door

As this festive season winds up, your delivery drivers are working harder than ever. As we prep for the holidays at home, they’re braving the hazardous, often too-packed roads while safeguarding the packages we just can’t seem to keep ourselves from buying. So what better way to show them a little bit of gratitude than with a small toast to their efforts? 

La Marca minis come in multi-packs, which means you don’t have to stop at just your Amazon driver. FedEx and UPS drivers, like postal workers, are often assigned set routes, which means that chances are you’re someone’s regular without even knowing it. 

Attaching a small envelope to a La Marca mini is also a brilliant way to leave a gratuity for your doorman, sanitation worker, and other folks you might want to take care of after a year of them doing just that for you. Don’t worry about misplaced or overlooked envelopes — there is no mistaking a bottle of bubbly left out with a thank you note attached.

Do Yourself a (Party) Favor

If you’re hosting a holiday gathering, it’s customary to give your guests something they can bring home — beyond to-go containers of your famous cooking. Some people like to bake and bag cookies or other dessert treats. Others make ornaments, and even more people hand out cute cookie cutters.

Why not give guests something that doesn’t take up a lot of room, is guaranteed to be used, and is easy to package? La Marca minis are the perfect door gift, letting you do away with the goodie bag and instead, give guests something that will help them relive the warm memories you made that night.

It’s easy to add some personalization to your parting gift. Twirl a ribbon around the neck of the bottle and tie a gift tag with a short personal message for a memorable holiday greeting. 

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Those are a lot of ideas, but finally, it’s time for a breather. Holidays are stressful, and self-care is important, especially now. So, while you’re working hard to make this a fantastic holiday for others, don’t forget to treat yourself, too, with a cheer break of your own.

Set your phone on “Do Not Disturb,” then go ahead and take an indulgent bubble bath. Turn off the TV, turn down the lights, and break out that soothing playlist. Make this time your time with a glass of La Marca Prosecco in hand. Then get back to doing what you do best: kicking butt and winning the holidays. 

This article is sponsored by La Marca Prosecco.